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Broom Saturn Speedboat With 40hp Honda Outboard Engine & New Upholstery

| Broom Boats | August 11, 2017

Current Price – ?4500.00
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This is your chance to buy a Classic Speedboat with brand new upholstery by Broom Boats of Brundall, Norfolk. I have gone to great lengths to retain the original looks of this beautiful classic boat. Let me tell you about the boat…. I originally bought the boat from a private seller in the Lake District. The boat was stored in a barn and had only been used on the fresh water lakes. At the time it had a 2 stroke outboard fitted and that had seized up through years of not being used, so after I bought it I took it to Bill Higham Outboards and they fitted a very nice Honda 4 Stroke and new steering mechanism. It cost me thousands! They tried to fit a new steering wheel on it, but I was determined to retain the original look so I insisted on the original wheel being left on. We have really only operated the boat a handful of times since then, but recently I decided to have the seats rebuilt in their original style. I had the wooden frames built by a joinery company and then took the boat to Broom Boats of Brundall in Norfolk to have the upholstery renewed. It is brand new and hasn’t even been sat on! The trailer was serviced last year by JP Compton trailers of Weston Colville and has new mud guards and tyres fitted. The engine has just been serviced by Marine Power of Brundall Gardens, Norfolk at a cost of £660. I will admit that the time I have spent owning this boat has not been my best financial decision. Frankly, it has cost me a fortune and if I were to add it all up (which I daren’t!) I would probably need to sell it at twice what I’m asking. But the important point to me selling it is that I can’t give it the time it deserves and I would rather it went to someone who could better use it. This is a beautiful boat to look at and would grace any waterway. The Honda 4 stroke engine is ideal for both high and low speed operation. (A 2 stroke needs to go flat out, whereas a 4 stroke is quite happy to idle all day making it ideal for inland waterway use). The Broom Saturn is easy to tow and very easy to launch and recover single handed. The boat sale includes the trailer, anchor, fenders, oars and a few other extras. If you have any questions or would like to view the boat, please get in touch. Please note, that I have included a photo of us using the boat on the River Cleddau in Pembrokeshire. The standby outboard featured in that photo is not included in this sale and the number stickers on the side of the boat have since been removed. Thanks for viewing.

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