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Fletcher Faro

| Fletcher Boats | November 12, 2017

Current Price – ?2499.00
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Welcome to my auction for my Fletcher faro, I’ve owned her for just over 5 years and had some great times and great memories with her, when I bought her I was new to boating and maybe saw her with rose tinted glasses. On viewing her I found some damage to the gel coat on the bow which I was assured was nothing to worry about, I spoke to boating friends of mine who said not to put her anywhere near water until it was repaired due to the risk of osmosis, so that was my first job, while doing that I found that both windows where covered in window tint film to hide the cracks, so I found exact replacements from America, then I cut and polished the gel coat and put exact Fletcher faro graphics on. during my first season I thought the engine was fine it go her up onto a plane nicely but fuel economy was terrible, so I got the engine serviced by Cambridge outboards who then told me there was no compression on number 3 cylinder which resulted in a complete power head rebuild new piston liners, new rings, new oil pump and seals ect, they also said the hydraulic rams were trash and leaking oil so a replacement unit was found. the engine is now great, very powerful and fuel economy is great. I’ve added an anchor, chain and rope as my father and I liked to go fishing off the east anglian coast. there are a few areas around the boat where the gel coat has some hair line cracks and the cockpit and cuddy area are perfectly usable but getting a little tired. I have only used her once this year due to a construction project which is due to continue for the next couple of years and this is the only reason I’m selling her. I know I will not get back the time and money I’ve spent on her but I can’t keep walking past her on the drive its making me depressed.I have explained her to the best of my ability but if you would like any more information or would like to come and see her before bidding please get in touch through ebay.

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