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Boat Bayliner 2855

| Bayliner Boats | April 9, 2021

Current Price On eBay on eBay – ?8.50
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T­­­H­­­E B­­­U­­­Y N­­­O­­­W P­­­R­­­I­­­C­­­E F­­­O­­­R T­­­H­­­I­­­S I­­­T­­­E­­­M I­­­S £­­­3­­­,­­­3­­­0­­­0T­­­H­­­I­­­S I­­­T­­­E­­­M C­­­A­­­N B­­­E P­­­U­­­R­­­C­­­H­­­A­­­S­­­E­­­D A­­­T T­­­H­­­E B­­­U­­­Y N­­­O­­­W P­­­R­­­I­­­C­­­E O­­­N­­­L­­­Y­­­, N­­­O B­­­I­­­D­­­D­­­I­­­N­­­G A­­­L­­­L­­­O­­­W­­­E­­­D­­­, P­­­L­­­E­­­A­­­S­­­E D­­­O N­­­O­­­T B­­­I­­­D­­­, A­­­L­­­L B­­­I­­­D­­­S W­­­I­­­L­­­L B­­­E R­­­E­­­M­­­O­­­V­­­E­­­D­­­!­­­!­­­!I­­­F Y­­­O­­­U W­­­A­­­N­­­T T­­­O B­­­U­­­Y I­­­T N­­­O­­­W P­­­L­­­E­­­A­­­S­­­E C­­­O­­­N­­­T­­­A­­­C­­­T U­­­S O­­­N­­­L­­­Y A­­­T­­­:***[email protected]­s­h­o­p­.­l­i­v­e***W­­­E D­­­O N­­­O­­­T R­­­E­­­S­­­P­­­O­­­N­­­D T­­­H­­­R­­­O­­­U­­­G­­­H E­­­B­­­A­­­Y M­­­E­­­S­­­S­­­A­­­G­­­E­­­S­­­!­­­!­­­!P­­­L­­­E­­­A­­­S­­­E C­­­O­­­N­­­T­­­A­­­C­­­T U­­­S F­­­O­­­R M­­­O­­­R­­­E I­­­N­­­F­­­O A­­­B­­­O­­­U­­­T T­­­H­­­E I­­­T­­­E­­­M O­­­R B­­­U­­­Y N­­­O­­­W A­­­T­­­:***[email protected]­s­h­o­p­.­l­i­v­e***W­­­H­­­E­­­N C­­­O­­­N­­­T­­­A­­­C­­­T­­­I­­­N­­­G P­­­L­­­E­­­A­­­S­­­E W­­­R­­­I­­­T­­­E T­­­H­­­E F­­­U­­­L­­­L T­­­I­­­T­­­L­­­E O­­­F T­­­H­­­E L­­­I­­­S­­­T­­­I­­­N­­­G A­­­T T­­­H­­­E S­­­U­­­B­­­J­­­E­­­C­­­T O­­­F Y­­­O­­­U­­­R E­­­M­­­A­­­I­­­L­­­!

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